Wow it’s already October.. it still amazes me how fast this year is passing

2014, where have you gone?

My upstair neighbors just looove the act of sex. Every. Damn. Night.

Sunday i love u

I post #theworstselfies

Having a Star Wars movie marathon by myself. Hahaha


People are like eyebrow hairs.

If they’re not benefiting what you’re trying to shape for yourself, then they need to go.

After a good night out with friends, it’s nice to come home and retire to my personal little world. My own four walls. From the bustle out in the city, to the calm I feel snuggled up in bed w/ my Kona.

The simple pleasures in life.

Is it wrong that I can’t concentrate on my homework unless I have snacks readily available? Ugh, I’m so fat

I love this dress!

I was going to caption this with some deep message about peace and having clarity, but no.. rocks on my head, rocks around me.