Anonymous asked: Fuck me!

I decline. I have too much respect for you as an anon

If only closed minds came with closed mouths.

Title: Let Me Go Artist: Phantogram 279 plays

Phantogram - Let Me Go

Title: The Kill Artist: 30 Seconds To Mars 15,633 plays


The Kill - 30 Seconds To Mars

Sherpiderp. I’m derpflirp

So can I like relive my childhood, please?

Chasing the American dream day by day.

That’s the mindset I live my life in. Always strive to do better each day, every moment you’re given!


Anonymous asked: I swear you have the best taste in everything!

well my favorite flavor in life is “best” so it’s only natural :p loljk

Title: The Beautiful Young Crew Artist: Lawrence Arabia 109 plays


Lawrence Arabia - The Beautiful Young Crew