I spend a lot of time alone just thinking about life and past experiences

Last night was messy fun. Took forever to scrub the colors off my body!

Is anyone else doing the cosmic run tonight?

First day of spring :)

Oh, the magnificence

Many of us harbor low self-esteem.

We deem everything and everyone more important than ourselves, and think that meeting their needs is more important than meeting our own. But if you run out of gas, everyone riding with you will be left stranded. So stay fed, so that you can fulfill others.

Been donning this bow since Monday. Lol idc

What is success?

If you have a mind of your own, and a heart that feels for others…

If you have an ability to work hard, and to relax completely…

If you have a strong devotion to ideals and principles, but respect for those that differ from your own…

If you have the wisdom to preserve what is good about the past, and the vision to seek a better future…

If you have pride in everything you do, and everything you are…

If you have purpose in life, and love in your world…

Then you are truly successful.

Title: Aqueous Transmission Artist: Incubus 7,213 plays

Incubus - Aqueous Transmission

Late nights

Enjoying hot cocoa and Incubus on my balcony. The simple pleasures in life

I’ll never get tired of watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World lol