My #WCW always and forever

It’s a bummer Doug isn’t available on Netflix. It’s one of my favorite childhood cartoons

Anonymous asked: Whats up?

my cholesterol lol

Breakfast always tastes better at night.

#sundayfunday with my baby blue :)

Helloooo down there

Happy Valentine’s day!

Let’s not go through the day with the ordeal of desperately trying to seek out that “one special person” just for the sake of today.

Instead we should take the time to appreciate everyone in our lives we DO have love for, and let them know so today.. like we should all be doing any other day anyway :p

T G I Friday! Xo

So earlier today this boy said, “I like your tattoo,” while we were passing each other, then as he was walking away said, “and your ass.”

Fresh ass little kids.. no respect these days

Title: Pawn Shop Blues Artist: Lana Del Rey 30,061 plays

In the name of higher consciousness, I let the best man I knew go.

'Cause it's nice to love and be loved, but it's better to know all you can know.

The priority of your feelings is to be safe and comfortable, but the divine priority for your life is to risk and grow. Which will it be?

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